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Harry J. Sandoval Jr. and Marco L. Arviso
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Harry J. Sandoval Jr and Marco Arviso

Harry J. Sandoval Jr. and Marco L. Arviso (Morning Spirit) Contact The Artist

Harry Sandoval Jr. and Marco Lance Arviso are members of the Navajo (Dine’) Nation. Harry is from the Tohajiilee Chapter which is located 30 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico and is also of the Deer Spring clan (Biih Bi’ To’ Nii) born for the Towering house clan (Kin Yaa’ A’ Anii). Marco is originally from Black Rock, AZ and is Naashgali’ Dine’ (Mescalero Apache Clan) and born for the Hona’gha’ahii (One Who Walks Around Clan).

Jewelry making has been a part of Harry’s way of life for just about as long as he can remember. With in the past eight years, He has designed for a number of people out of the Albuquerque area. Most recently, he was on the designing team for the largest southwestern jewelry manufacturing company in the United States, who catered to an audience of over 5 million viewers on a daily basis, as well as providing the most recent and latest southwestern jewelry styles to large and very well known department stores all throughout the United States.

Although fairly new to the jewelry business, Marco has made a transition from painting and sculpting to the world of jewelry design. Marco has found that his painting and sculpting experience has been an attribute in his creativity of wearable art. His eye for color combination and use of space coupled with his Native American upbringing is apparent in his work. He also draws on the experience from the long line of traditional silversmiths and artisans in his family for inspiration.

All the designs that are created by Marco Lance Arviso and Harry Sandoval Jr. are designs that are used to promote their business Morning Spirit. In this process they use all natural gem quality gem stones and all sterling silver to create Morning Spirit jewelry. Morning Spirit jewelry is inspired by the natural surroundings that make up the great Navajo Nation. And is combined with a style that is unique and contemporary, with a southwestern flair. Morning Spirit jewelry is the Southwestern experience, hand crafted by proud members of the Navajo (Dine’) Nation.

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Winding through Canyon
Slow Mountain Stream
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