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Four Corners Indian Art Market
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del Rio Gallery
A Small Gallery with Grand Art - Featuring the finest Native American Contemporary Artists
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Four Corners Indian Art Market

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May 5 - 6 2007, Blanding, Utah, United States

Native American Art Shows > United States > Utah > Blanding http://www.stateparks.utah.gov/visiting/events.php?month=May

This Event Has Come and Gone. It is now over.

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Celebrate the diversity of Native Cultures of the Four Corners. Experience the tradition! The best in Native American contemporary and traditional art and creativity. Music! Dance! Food! Demonstrations! Silent Auction!

Meet, talk with, learn about artists from the Navajo Nation, the Colorado Ute Tribes, the Hopi tribe and the New Mexico Pueblos. The 2007 Market is an opportunity to buy directly from the artist high-quality, hand-made, Native art.

Visitors can expect to taste traditional foods, watch traditonal dancers perform age-old ceremonial and social dances, hear both contemporary and traditional music. Demonstrations in basket weaving, pottery-making, rug weaving, beadwork, silver work, throughout the weekend.

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At a Glance
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Edge of the Cedars State Park
Blanding, UT  USA
May 5, 2007 - May 6, 2007


9am - 5pm Each day


Free public event



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